About: Sharyn Stone


Getting older and, for the most part, having a blast!

Getting older and, for the most part, having a blast!


I am an Aussie—a Queenslander by birth, but have lived in Maui, Hawaii since 1992. (I collected a husband from San Francisco … and asked him to move a little more in my direction. What a sweetheart! Here we are in Hawaii, where my warm blood is much, much more at home). Here, we run a Bed & Breakfast/ vacation rental: http://www.maui-vacationrentals.com . Helping craft legislation to make all that possible took many years (too many!) – but now I’m finally free to follow my dreams of acting and writing. (I write poetry, scripts and short stories).

My one-woman show, “Milk Street”, won the 2011 Maui Fringe Festival. I’ve put together an expanded version of this and hope to perform it later this year. I’m also working on another one-woman show. It’s called “Old Girls Looking Hot”. Issues of woman, ageing, is a subject dear to my heart. I figure we have to be able to laugh at ourselves along the way.

I just finished a one month run with Maui Pro-Arts Theatre Company where I was lucky enough have a wonderful part—that of Tess, a cranky old Irish lady-turned-nymphomaniac. A great script – “Bermuda Avenue Triangle” by Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna. What a blast!

My first poem, “Pull Up a Blue Chair” was published last month in 34th Parallel Magazine. Next month, two of my poems, “Gertrude Goes Trekking to Nepal” and “Prime Poetic Stew” will be published in the brand new English poetry magazine, “Screech”.

I guess I’m all about following one’s dreams—even though, sometimes, those dreams change into others and we have to make that adaptation—but I have no intention of dying with my “music unsung”!

I’d love to publish some of my poetry here … and I’d ESPECIALLY love people to tell me their own stories!


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